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Ira Glass knows, Just do this one thing over, and over and over…And it’s going to take a while. 

While under water everything around me dissolves. Water submersions are becoming part of chapter 2, the working title for the work in progress following the book Concepts of Home, published in the summer of 2013. 

Probably written about the ongoing search before. Anyway, the search for home goes on. To be continued. 

Rif St. Marie - Curacao. 

#Utrecht - spring 2014.

Monday morning update. The PAR launch is a fact and I’m one of the featured artists on this online gallery and shop. Limited editions of my photos are for sale here. The collaboration I was referring to a couple of posts ago. 

PAR ( print-art-read) is an online gallery and shop for photography, graphic design art and books.

Yuana.  Westpunt Curacao 2014 

Happy birthday papa.  

Aruba 2014


Ignoring January’s gloom. New work and exciting collaborations coming up very soon. #pow